ec development

EC motor is a permanent magnet brushless motor that based on control and communication.For more energy saving, more steady, more popular and more environmentally friendly, we continuously upgrade our products.At present we have three series seven different models EC motors for choise.Our EC motors mainly used in refrigerator, refrigerated showcase, kitchen refrigerated cabinet, ice machine and supermarket cold - chain.

The 1st generation GEC series
The first series EC motor uses software to control motor speed and direction, also to protect the motor. The motor is adjusted to have convertible speed from 0-2000r/min according to the voltage signal of customer’s instrument. Also to meet customers’ demands, it can run CW for 30s on start to get rid of dusts and ices, then stop for 5s, at last turn CCW to work normally. All these functions are driven by software without using any other hardware or circuitry.



The 2nd generation GECA series


The second series EC motor is more mature, it uses special chip to control the motor and saves cost in more secure, reliable and energy saving conditions. The motor speed varies with the change of load, it can be chosen between 0-2000r/min. and on the same load, the motor can have 4 different speed schemes. In the meanwhile, customers can set double speed motor according to their own needs.




The 3rd generation GECU series


The third series EC motor is the most successful EC products we have ever designed. The motor has constant speed with different load, but customers can set any speed between 600-2000r/min. also the motor can realize functions like double speed, reversible rotation, etc, through different wire connections. It can be said that this series products let users come into the real EC era of more energy saving, more economic, more efficient and more stable.